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Grohe, the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings, has committed itself to delivering innovative water products carrying its brand values of technology, quality, design and sustainability.

Having modern, elegant and well thought-out designs, Sensia Arena can guide users through a dark bathroom with its discreet night light. It also creates a feeling of comfort and confidence with its automatic open and close feature for the lid.

As it is made for personalized comfort, you can set options for your preferred water pressure and temperature, spray pattern and cleansing cycle which you can store your favorite settings on a digital device. Among its numerous benefits, Sensia Arena has self-cleaning features and innovative odor absorption which works with an Airshield to keep all smells in the bowl.

Product description

GROHE Sensia Arena
Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung

GROHE Hygiene Clean: with antibacterial glazing HyperClean (SIAA Kokin Japanese standard compliant) and non-stick coating AquaCeramic
GROHE power flush: rimless wash down jet WC with GROHE Triple Vortex flushing technology
GROHE Skin Clean:
2 dedicated adjustable spray arms (1 for anal area, 1 for lady spray)
separate water way for lady spray
oscillating spray (automatic forward and reverse motion of the spray)
pulsating spray for massage
adjustable spray intensity
automatic pre- and post-rinsing of spray nozzle with fresh water
integrated instant heater provides unlimited warm water
adjustable temperature
Additional functions:
warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
odor extraction with filter
Duroplast WC seat and lid with automatic opening/close function
infra-red user detection
seat control panel operation
power switch
inside bowl night light
hidden water supply and power supply connections
remote control
smart phone app for iOS
noise protection sheet, mounting bases and washers
manual remote controller with wall-mounted holder
active carbon filter for odour absorption
water supply connection set for concealed cistern
nozzle guard
cable with system plug on device
pressure 0.05 - 1 MPa (0.5 - 10 bar)
nominal voltage 220-240 V AC
main frequency 50-60 Hz
type of protection IPX4
complies with EN 1717
CE approved


  • Choose required spray funcion
  • Adjust the spray function to your personal needs
  • Stop the shower spray after cleaning


  • Choose the drying with warm air and regulate the temperature
  • Stop the spray after drying


  • For flushing just press the flush plate


  • Cleansing with water at a pleasant temperature.
  • Continuous warm water, for as long as you want.
  • Separate spray nozzles for Lady and Standard jets.


  • Long-lasting toilet hygiene that sets new standards.
  • An especially effective and efficient flush.
  • Hygienically cleaned spray nozzles.


  • A toilet free of odours.
  • A toilet that saves your personal user settings.
  • A nightlight which guides you through the bathroom in the dark.
  • Clean and dry without wiping at all.
  • A toilet seat that registers every approach and opens automatically.

Your Shower Toilet – Your Choices

At GROHE we know very well that no two people are the same.You expect your bathroom shower to be adjustable to exactly the way you like it, and the SPALET is just the same.
The SPALET offers you the luxury of total control over your cleansing. Simply select your preferred settings either on the side of the SPALET or with the convenient remote control. You can even programme your preferences to your individual profile in the SPALET app on your smartphone, meaning your SPALET recalls exactly the sort of care you prefer, every time.

Your Most Private Shower.

It’s all about personal care and comfort. With the GROHE Sensia® SPALET different spray functions it’s easy to tailor your cleaning routine to suit you.
Lady Shower
A separate spray arm with different spray angle and a softer and wider spray pattern for cleaning the female intimate area, with adjustable temperature and strength for total comfort and gentle cleansing.
Twin Shower
With one spray arm for the rear spray and a separate spray arm for the Lady Shower, you can be certain that both are perfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.
Rear Spray
Warm or cold, strong or gentle, an adjustable spray for precise and ultimate cleaning without getting wet all over. Choose between the powerful rear spray and a soft spray for more gentle cleaning.
Oscillating Spray
The spray head moves in a gentle forward and backward motion for an extended cleaning area and extra freshness.

Massage Spray
The rear spray can be set to oscillate and vary spray strength to create a soothing, relaxing massage effect.

Ultimate Hygiene

With leading-edge AquaCeramic technology, germ-resistant HyperClean coating and self-cleaning, anti-bacterial spray arms you can be certain of 100% hygiene security: HygieneClean.

Maybe the cleanest place on earth

Put your trust in ultimate hygenic – the GROHE Sensia®SPALETincorporates different innovative  technologies that all work together to give you a 100% hygienic toilet. From the design of the bowl to advanced coatings that offer triple protection from dirt, bacteria and limescale, you can be sure that your toilet is always sparkling clean and safe.

Ultimate hygiene for 100 years with AquaCeramic and HyperClean

GROHE AquaCeramic

Avoidance of Impurities.
It creates a smooth surface that impurities can’t stick to, meaning impurities or residues cannot attach to the bowl and the powerful triple vortex flush easily cleans with one flush. This innovative surface treatment works in two ways – it uses a hydrophilic layer to prevent residues sticking to the bowl, and it uses nano-technology to prevent limescale latching onto the surface and attracting dirt and grime. The AquaCeramic surface is coated before firing and lasts more than 100 years! Even scrubbing won’t wear it off. Alongside GROHE’s HyperCleanfinish it locks  out impurities and bacteria for good, making cleaning effortless and maintaining the sparkling, fresh-from-the-box finish.
surface without AquaCeramic                      surface with AquaCeramic

GROHE HyperClean

Prevention of Bacteria Growth.
Take confidence that your bathroom is hygienic and clean with GROHE HyperClean, which uses naturally anti-bacterial silver ions to inhibit germs and prevent stains and odour. During the glazing process this exceptionally smooth and hardwearing finish is added which prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth, meaning your ceramics stay sparklingly clean and germ-free with the minimum of effort. Take peace of mind from this feature, certified by the Society of industrial technology for antimicrobial articles, guaranteed to make your bathroom a safer, cleaner and germ free place for you and your family.
surface without HyperClean                        surface with HyperClean

GROHE Rimless®

Leaves bacteria nowhere to hide

Leaves bacteria nowhere to hide as corners and crevices are playgrounds for bacteria, especially under the rim of the toilet bowl. That’s why we’ve created the ‘rimless’ bowl where every surface is easy to reach and effortless to keep clean, even in the parts you can’t see. In tandem with the triple vortex flush it makes this the cleanest toilet ever.

Because clean is in the detail.

Every aspect of the SPALET’s design has been carefully considered to make sure it’s always hygienic and easy to clean. That means even the little details have been taken care of you so don’t have to worry. The self-cleaning spray arms and nozzle guard are both made of antibacterial material, which is 99.9% bacteria-resistant and certified by the SIAA institute. Both have been designed to be easy to remove and replace for extra occasional cleaning.
Automatic Cleaning of Spray Arm
Before and after each use of the GROHE Sensia® Arena , the automatic cleaning programme will run so you can have complete confidence that the spray arms and nozzles are 100% clean and safe.
Anti Bacterial Spray-arm
The spray nozzles are made from 99% antibacterial material, certified by the SIAA, so the spray head and arm remain germ-free at all times.
Exchangable Spray Arm
Keep that safe feeling for years with the option to replace the spray arm completely if needed.
Nozzle Guard
The two spray arms are both protected inside the toilet with a nozzle cover that can easily be removed for cleaning.

Personal comfort

With features like odour absorption, air dryer, nightlight and the smartphone app we offer the smartest comfort: Personal comfort.

We´ve taken care of your personal comfort.

Take total control of your cleansing routine in three different ways. You can use the smartphone app, which lets you programme your own user profile effortlessly, reach for the intuitive remote, or use the simple control panel at the side of the seat. What could be more simple? These three control systems make the GROHE SPALET into a toilet that knows you, that remembers you and that anticipates your needs – now that’s smart.

How intelligence makes you comfortable

GROHE Sensia® Arena APP

Select and store all your preferred settings to your smart phone with the SPALET app. The app lets you create individual user profiles so your ideal spray pattern, pressure and temperature are memorized, meaning you can enjoy your perfect personalised cleansing experience effortlessly, every time. Works with IOS and Android phones.

Remote control

Control every function of the SPALET with the intuitive remote control, which can be wall-mounted within arm’s reach. It makes controlling the SPALET simple – just select your preferred spray, pressure and water temperature from the easy-to-follow menu.

Seat control panel

Within comfortable arm’s reach, the side of the SPALET has a simple control panel that lets you alter the spray function and adjust the water pressure of your cleaning experience with just a touch.

Personal comfort

Air Dryer
Enjoy the ultimate warming comfort of an air dryer function, leaving you completely clean and dry.
Automatic Lid Open
The toilet’s sensor detects your presence, automatically opening the lid as you approach.
Odour Absorption
Never worry about bathroom odours! Two vents keep any smells at bay – an airshield around the bowl surface seals the air inside the toilet, keeping odours in the bowl, while the other draws odours away completely through a charcoal filter.
The GROHE Sensia® SPALET is there to look after your every need from start to finish. That’s why we’ve included a soft nightlight to guide your way at night that comes on when the lid opens automatically.

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