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  1. TOTO WASHLET SW incl. remote control + TOTO WC SP Wall-hung Set

    WASHLET™ SW has more to offer than just its slim profile: It is equipped with many of TOTO's well-known hygiene features, and even includes a new one.

    Regular Price: £3,252.60

    Special Price £2,672.29

  2. GROHE Sensia Arena 2.0 - NEW Toilet bidet combination 39354SH1


    Functions: with air ventilator, with dryer, with night light, with sanitary shower

    Smart Phone app for iOS and Android is available


    2+1 Grohe Extended Warranty option

    Register your GROHE Sensia Arena shower Toilet and you will benefit from one extra year of guarantee on your product.

    Find out more at https://www.grohe.co.uk

    Regular Price: £3,168.11

    Special Price £1,450.33

    As low as: £1,343.00
  3. TOTO WASHLET SX + TOTO WC SP Wall-hung Set

    The SX has the same functionalities as the RX – the only difference is the shape. The angular version also includes all of TOTO‘s well-known hygiene and comfort features.

    The SX model also offers the adjustable warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodorizer and PreMist function. PreMist automatically sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water prior to use, making it difficult for waste to be left behind after flushing.

    Regular Price: £3,252.60

    Special Price £2,064.97

    As low as: £2,013.97
  4. TOTO Washlet RX + TOTO WC RP wall-hung Set

    The WASHLET™ RX captivates with its clear, streamlined and minimalistic design. It blends in with the ceramic, making them appear as a single unit. Like all WASHLET™ models, the WASHLET™ RX also offers the utmost in quality and hygiene. All of the hygienic and convenience features are in corporatedin the RX in the same familiar way.

    Regular Price: £3,252.60

    Special Price £2,065.16

    As low as: £2,013.36
  5. Villeroy & Boch ViClean I-100 shower-toilet

    ViClean I-100 is setting a new design standard for shower toilets. Thanks to a revolutionary design, for the first time, all the technology is integrated in the ceramic, leaving no visible signs of the shower toilet function. Its intuitive operation and key shower functions make it an uncomplicated highlight in a puristic bathroom.

    Regular Price: £2,455.20

    Special Price £1,589.93

    As low as: £1,522.46
  6. TOTO Combination WASHLET EK 2.0 (with hidden connections) + TOTO WC MH wall hung

    The TOTO Combination CW162YH + TCF6632C3GV1

    The WASHLET EK 2.0 learns the habits of its users and automatically switches to energy-saving mode on this basis. Like all TOTO WASHLETs, it also has an automatic, sensor-activated seat. just to be used for the below mentioned WASHLET™ installation with hidden connections

    Regular Price: £2,051.60

    Special Price £1,412.23

    As low as: £1,381.00
  7. TOTO Combination WASHLET GL 2.0 (with hidden connections) + TOTO WC MH, wall-hung only for WASHLET

    The TOTO Combination CW162YH + TCF6532C3GV1 Thanks to the integrated wand jet system, the GL WASHLET makes it easy to adjust the position of the spray as desired. The adjustable water pressure and temperature combined with the air-cleaning filter system provides the highest possible comfort. The heated seat can be set to your chosen temperature, and includes an energy- saving function which can be set to three, six or nine hours.

    Regular Price: £2,551.60

    Special Price £1,867.17

    As low as: £1,812.00
  8. Geberit AquaClean Tuma Classic shower toilet, complete set

    Geberit AquaClean Tuma Classic complete shower toilet set 146090111

    Regular Price: £1,685.55

    Special Price £1,315.09

    As low as: £1,288.09
  9. Roca In-Wash Inspira Wall-hung #803060002

    In-Wash® Inspira has been developed by Roca’s designers and engineers, experts on bathroom solutions, that have incorporated the most advanced technology in an accessible and versatile smart toilet to respond to the needs of the most demanding consumers.

    Regular Price: £1,770.76

    Special Price £1,299.98

    As low as: £1,238.90
  10. Duravit Vero Air wall-mounted, washdown toilet Rimless with SensoWash Slim seat, set white

    Length (cm):57
    Width (cm):37.6

    Technical Details:
    Interior shape:Washdown Toilets
    Suitable:for concealed cisterns

    Regular Price: £1,856.59

    Special Price £1,217.19

Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 10 of 45 total

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