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 Why us

More Information About whyTooaleta is leading distributor, service and retail


Over 8 years in the industry

For the past  8 years, Tooaleta Bidet has been one of the leading companies promoting the lifestyle and health benefits of electronic bidets. We have executive offices located in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Manufacturing and distribution centers are in Asia, and Europe. Due to in demand market, Tooaleta expand and concentrate its services over the entire world. 

Knowledgeable staff

Our customer service representatives have many years of experience selling only bidets. We'll be happy to explain and assist you the various features of the different models we have to fits your needs.



Excellent Service

Tooaleta is dedicated in giving 100% excellent service to our clients, partners and individuals. We value 100% customer satisfaction.



Representing The Finest Brands with EU&UK standards and service in Europe and the United Kingdom

Tooaleta distributes and represents only the finest quality bidets that meet the exacting standards of quality and good value. We don't sell closeout bidet models or seconds. Only current bidets at the lowest prices. 



Online Knowledgebase

Our website (http://www.tooaleta.co.uk) has superb online knowledgebase for the finest quality bidets available in the market. We list every information available for specific bidet models.



Export Sales

Tooaleta export sales at economical prices. Call us or e-mail us for inquiries.



Price Matching

As a major distributor of various bidet products, Tooaleta takes great pride in the low prices and great values we offer our customers. We want our customers to feel confident that Tooaleta consistently offers great savings. If you find a lower advertised price, please contact us and we will try our very best to match it.



Great Prices

Tooaleta offers great prices to customers that you cannot find on other companies. We absolutely match any competitive prices!



Friendly Sales Staff

Our Sales Staff values customer service satisfaction, friendly and easy to approach. Call us now and we are happy to assist you.



Courtesy To The Trade

Tooaleta provides excellent business to our partners, clients and customers. We welcome innovative individuals and companies to contact us.


All Major Credit Cards Accepted with no additional processing fees!

We accept all kinds of Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard,  Discover, DinersCard, JCB, et cetera).

Free Delivery

Enjoy our Free Shipping / Free Delivery service for 80% of our items in the UK and Europe.



Online Help

Tooaleta has a reliable Online Help information that you can read on and rely on. Contact our customer support via live chat.



Secure Ordering

Tooaleta guarantee secure ordering and online transaction. Powered by Magento , our system utilizes a  256-bit SSL certificate thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure. 



Priority Mail Shipping On Many Items At No Extra Cost

Tooaleta offers "Priority Mail Shipping On Many Items At No Extra Cost". 



Europewide sales

We concentrate On One Market – Europe!


   Partial List of Customers We Supply
  •   MPC - Reasearch GmbH
  •   AEL Enterprises
  •   ALS Foundation for Life
  •   BaySys Technologies - NASA Wallops Flight Facility
  •   Burger Boat Company
  •   Centre Orthopedique Depanago Inc
  •   City of Virgina Beach, DHS/MR Division297
  •   Choptank Electric Trust, Inc
  •   Disability Network, Inc.
  •   DSSW Corporate Office, Texas
  •   Educare Community Living
  •   Enterprises Plumbing
  •   Evergreen Enterprises
  •   Children's Medical Services
  •   Factory Outlet
  •   Aqua Orange
  •   Fairbanks Resource Agency
  •   Frontier Builders
  •   Ferguson Enterprises Inc
  •   Hershey Enterprises
  •   Home Depot
  •   Home Health Solutions
  •   Hotel and Touristic Enterprises Minerva SA   Greece
  •   Hyatt Hotels
  •   Jonathan's Son
  •   Marriott Corporation
  •   Montage Hotel - Beverly Hills
  •   National Seating & Mobility, Inc
  •   New Visions Toronto
  •   Renaissance Hotel
  •   Ritz Carlton Hotel
  •   SLP Enterprises, LLC
  •   Tyson Foods
  •   Veterans Administration (VA)
  •   Western Shelter Systems
We Have Our Own Offices/Warehouse/Distribution Center
 We have our own offices/warehouse/distribution center where we stock and ship most of our bidet products. Products are  available for pick-up or will call. Call our office at +44 808 135 0068