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Toto launches new Washlet - The TOTO WASHLET RG and RG Lite


Toto aims to create a new understanding of hygiene – as something that enriches every moment of people’s everyday lives. The innovations presented at ISH 2021 include special technologies for even better cleanliness, which Toto refers to as Cleanovation or clean innovation. The Japanese sanitary ware producer’s toilets and shower toilets (Washlet) in particular are incredibly versatile and well-suited for use in all types of spaces, from hospitality to residential projects Toto Washlet RG, new toilet models and high-quality ceramic washbasins with sleek, streamlined designs that enhance the look of every bathroom.

At this year’s virtual ISH 2021, Toto reveals a world designed to promote our well-being while addressing the urgent issues everyone faces today: How do we manage the risk of infection? And how can we effectively protect ourselves in the bathroom? In the lead up to this industry event, ISH talked about “an emerging wave of hygiene in the bathroom”. Toto has always considered hygiene to be one of its most important focus areas, as it is in Japanese culture: Personal well-being, recovery and attentive interactions all play an important role in the way Japanese society perceives hygiene.

The Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer’s Washlet is the shower toilet on the market with the most extensive hygiene features. They are easy to clean and have technologies that ensure long-lasting cleanliness. Many people who have chosen Washlet describe this experience as “life-changing”. The latest addition to the collection is the sleek, rounded Washlet RG, which is celebrating its premiere at ISH 2021. Toto offers the RG in two different versions: The standard model and RG Lite. The Lite version offers many of Toto’s convenient functionalities, but without Premist or deodoriser – for a more affordable introduction to the world of Washlet.

All TOTO Washlet RG models can be viewed here: https://tooaleta.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=rg&cat=&dir=desc&order=relevance

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