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After-sales service

After years of using the shower toilet problems may occur.

We offer full support. You just have to inform us. Our after-sales service is provided for Europe, UK&Ireland. 

After-sales service for Europe, UK&Ireland:

Phone: +448081350068

Every day from 9.00 - 17.00 h

e-mail: service@tooaleta.eu

For Warranty information click here .

For Returns/Refunds click here.


Service Price list

1.Shipping to/from Service Center:
- All products in warranty period are eligible for Free return shipping.
- Products outside of manufacturer warranty the shipping to/from the Service Center: £25 (€20).  

2.Product repair:
- Diagnostics / Troubleshooting –may only be  charged if there is no other service made : £25 (€20)
- Limescale cleansing: £55 (€50)
Spare Part change*: £25 (€20). 

*This applies for all spare parts.



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