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Why use it

Main advantages in using bidet toilet seats are divided into 7 categories:

Health, hygiene, comfort, confidence, ecology, economy and efficiency.

Most of the pictures on our website are from section Why use it from the contest, which can be found on our website under the section Bidet-superstore photo contest. Join, the competition, which  take place throughout the year.

You can also find statements from our satisfied buyers under each catagory of benefits.


General benefits of using the Bidet-superstore services and products in your home:

Bidet-superstore is a practical way to achieve better hygiene by providing a sanitary and soothing alternative to toilet tissue. Cleanrite means less wiping of sensitive genital and rectal areas and thus less irritation.

Bidet-superstore's gentle, cleansing stream of water provides relief to people suffering from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, difficult bowel movements and to those recovering from colorectal or general surgery.

Bidet-superstore provides a new level of comfort
and independence for users who are disabled and people suffering from arthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.

Bidet-superstore provides more effective feminine
hygiene during menstrual periods giving women a greater sense of freshness and

The Bidet-superstore system is easily attached to your present toilet water supply. It does the work of a bidet without the high price and bulky fixture.

Bidet-superstore is a practical way to better hygiene, providing therapeutic benefits to sensitive genital and rectal areas. Sanicare bidets are a practical way to better hygiene, and can provide therapeutic benefits to sensitive genital and rectal areas.


Brochure portraying general benefits of using a bidet seat: