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  1. Coway BA16-CR Digital bidet seat with Stainless steel nozzles (OPEN BOX SALE)

    OPEN BOX SALE - LIMITED QUANTITY - Packaging of the Coway bas16 is slightly damaged, but the Coway bas16 itself is in perfect condition. Full 2 year warranty applies. New model from Coway. Replacing the Coway ba08. Now with dual stainless steel nozzles. The Coway BAS16 offers ultimate hygiene with Ag-Nano sterilization. A staple of Coway bidet seats. *Ag-Nano filter treated water has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties!

    Regular Price: £688.00

    Special Price £359.58

  2. Maro D'Italia DI600 Premium Italian Design toilet bidet seat - (OPEN BOX SALE)

    OPEN BOX SALE - Original packaging of the MARO DI600 is slightly damaged, but the Maro D'Italia Di600 itself is in perfect condition. Full 2 year warranty applies.

    Regular Price: £1,023.40

    Special Price £531.50

    As low as: £521.33
  3. Maro D'Italia FP106 - Non electric bidet toilet seat - The original high pressure model - OPEN BOX SALE!!

    New sensation among toilet bidet seats. Maro D'Italia FP106 is a non electric operated bidet seat that can be fitted onto most existing toilet systems. Installation is as easy as replacing your toilet seat. No major plumbing works required. It is that simple! OPEN BOX SALE!!

    Regular Price: £137.60

    Special Price £90.12

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3 Item(s)