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  1. Coway BA16-CR Digital bidet seat with Stainless steel nozzles (OPEN BOX SALE)

    OPEN BOX SALE - LIMITED QUANTITY - Packaging of the Coway bas16 is slightly damaged, but the Coway bas16 itself is in perfect condition. Full 2 year warranty applies. New model from Coway. Replacing the Coway ba08. Now with dual stainless steel nozzles. The Coway BAS16 offers ultimate hygiene with Ag-Nano sterilization. A staple of Coway bidet seats. *Ag-Nano filter treated water has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties!

    Regular Price: £688.00

    Special Price £359.58

  2. Daewon Dib W1500R - Electric toilet bidet seat - (OPEN BOX SALE)

    The Daewon dib-1500R is a quality bidet seat that offers the same features as high-end units, but at a very affordable price. With this bidet you have the convenience of four customizable user presets, plus a hand-held wireless remote control. OPEN BOX SALE!

    Regular Price: £773.14

    Special Price £390.18

    As low as: £374.20
  3. TOTO Combination WASHLET EK 2.0 (with hidden connections) + TOTO WC MH wall hung (OPEN BOX SALE!)

    The TOTO Combination CW162YH + TCF6532G#NW1

    The WASHLET EK 2.0 learns the habits of its users and automatically switches to energy-saving mode on this basis. Like all TOTO WASHLETs, it also has an automatic, sensor-activated seat. just to be used for the below mentioned WASHLET™ installation with hidden connections


    Regular Price: £2,051.60

    Special Price £1,583.40

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3 Item(s)