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  1. TOTO WASHLET RW incl. remote control + TOTO RP WC Combination

    TOTO WASHLET RW has more to offer than just its slim profile: It is equipped with many of TOTO's well-known hygiene features, such as automatic open and close of the lid and even includes a new one as well.

    Regular Price: £3,770.53

    Special Price £2,687.50

  2. TOTO WASHLET RW Auto flush version + TOTO RP WC + TOTO cistern frame + TOTO Flush plate Complete Set

    WASHLET RW Auto Flush Prime edition has more to offer than just its slim profile: It is equipped with many of TOTO's well-known hygiene features, and even includes the Auto Flush function. The package includes the TOTO Auto flush frame cistern and TOTO Stainless Steel Push plate - Everything required for installation is included.

    Regular Price: £5,520.53

    Special Price £3,899.40

  3. Roca In-Wash INSIGNIA In Tank floorstanding - Premium Roca smart toilet A803105001

    The ultimate smart toilet The ultimate smart toilet with a built-In flushing Tank. At Roca, technology takes its inspiration from the laws and principles of nature and how they can maximize comfort and hygiene. This is why the perfect balance between avant-garde materials and the most innovative functionalities define the heart and soul of our most advanced product yet. The new In-Wash® Insignia with Roca Connect app.

    Regular Price: £4,970.76

    Special Price £2,999.00

  4. TOTO WASHLET RG LITE With Hidden Connections + TOTO WC GP

    WASHLET® RG Lite is characterized by a simple design with soft, smooth lines, allowing it to easily fit and coordinate with any space.

    •      Three different types of sprays for precise, adjustable cleansing of the front and rear intimate areas
    •      Option to activate additional massage spray & oscillating functions
    •      Individually adjustable water pressure/temperature/position of the wand jet
    •      Includes odour absorption, heated seat, PREMIST
    •      The wand jet is always positioned above the ceramic and behind a protective flap on every TOTO WASHLET™ to ensure maximum hygiene
    •      Especially hygienic and clean thanks to wand jet cleansing with dirt-repelling EWATER+  

    Regular Price: £3,494.00

    Special Price £1,757.48

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)