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About Non-electric Bidets

Non-electric operated bidet seats can be fitted onto most existing toilet systems. Installation is as easy as replacing your toilet seat. No major plumbing works required. In this way, you can maintain high level of toilet hygiene at low cost as it is inexpensive to own one and as it is non-electric operated, the running cost is very low.

To install a non-electric toilet seat, you would only need a cold water line from the shut-off valve next to the toilet.  Some non-electric bidets also have a hookup for hot water which usually comes from the hot water valve underneath a nearby wash basin.


By rotating the lever located on the right side, the nozzle extends and starts spraying only
when it is fully extended.

Non-electric bidet seats can be connected to the cold water supply of the cistern or a
hot&cold water mixer / hermostatic valve


Water supply connection options:


1. Close-coupled toilets: Using the supplied T-Connector, simply connect the water hose to the valve inside the cistern. In some cases the valve is external making it even easier to connect to the T-Connector (As seen on picture 1b).

Cold water connection option Maro D'Italia FP104 FP106 FP108




2. Wash basin valve: Insert the supplied T-Connector between the corner valve and the hose underneath the sink.

 Cold water connection option Maro D'Italia FP104 FP106 FP108

3. Concealed cistern: Remove the Push plate / Flush plate and insert a  water hose, connecting it a Y-Connector to the valve. Below a corner valve has to be put in place (Ask us how to measure where the hole below has to be made, if you have already covered your wall in tiles. It is easier as you may think)

Dry wall cistern installation cold water connection Maro FP104 FP106 FP108

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