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The all new VITRA V Care PRIME


Discover the new generation of shower toilet from VitrA that stylishly combines the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning properties of a bidet. This V-Care Smart Toilet slots seamlessly into a variety of bathrooms, providing increased hygiene with water cleaning. 
The VitrA Prime Rimex Smart WC comes with some brilliant features, such as an adjustable, oscillating jet spray, a choice of washing options, water & seat temperature adjustment, air dryer, an auto-open close mechanism and a rimless design inside the pan that makes cleaning easy, and gives germs nowhere to hide. 
The V-Care Smart toilet provides a user-friendly first-rate personal hygiene experience, that can be controlled with either the basic controls on the side of the WC, via a mobile app, or a remote control that perfectly fits the user’s hands and has a very simple user interface. 
Easy to install, easy to maintain, this toilet will meet the needs of modern living style, bringing a new standard to your bathrooms with its design, comfort, and improved hygiene that you can enjoy with every use.

The VitrA V-Care shower toilet offers the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and design, combining the functionality of a toilet with the hygienic benefits of a bidet. The V-Care provides a fully customisable washing experience with a wide range of features that can be set to suit your needs, including water and drying temperature and nozzle position. By using the remote control, and with the automated lid, you have all of the technology at your fingertips.


- Complete with adjustable oscillating jet spray
- Rimless pan for easy cleaning
- Remote Control Included
- Warm Air Dryer
- Air Purification
- Mobile compatible
- Bluetooth and Wifi connections
- Night light and mobile application support
- Warmed auto-open/soft close heated seat
- Support frames and flush plates available separately 
- 39cm(w) x 62cm(d)

- Muting of the signal tones
- Anti-limescale function
- With child mode
- Wall-hung and Back-to-Wall options
Night light
App and remote control

You can find the product on our website in this link:VITRA V CARE PRIME

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