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Is WASHLET® suitable for children?


I'm frequently asked at my events and Japanese evenings whether the WASHLET® is suitable for children. And to answer the question quickly in advance, I can definitely say: Yes, absolutely!

You can find out why a WASHLET® is particularly suitable for children in my personal experience report.

Vater der seine Tochter auf dem Rücken hat


Perhaps the idea of introducing children to such a technological and highly innovative product seems strange at first. However, once you see how playful and easy children handle the WASHLET® and how much fun they have learning about cleaning with water and the associated personal hygiene and cleanliness, you won't question it anymore.

I have personally experienced this with my grandson and have also heard reports from enthusiastic parents who use the WASHLET® with their children and wouldn't want to do without it anymore.

The basis for children using the WASHLET® is introducing its functions in a playful manner and explaining them in a child-friendly way by parents. It's a joint exploration, experimentation, and experience that is incredibly enjoyable.

WASHLET Fernbedienung


There are many benefits for children when they are introduced to the WASHLET® at an early age. One of the greatest advantages is that children typically have so much fun with the WASHLET® that they are eager to use the toilet. Through the playful approach with the remote control, children want to explore the WASHLET® and its essential functions together with their parents/grandparents.

This gives them direct access to the topics of personal hygiene and cleanliness, and there is usually no major discussion when the child needs to use the toilet.

Once the child has learned how the WASHLET® works (which happens faster than you might think), they will enjoy acquiring a new form of independence and autonomy on the toilet.

Junges Kind auf einer Toilette sitzend


With the help of a toilet stool, children can sit on the WASHLET®. Due to the elevation in the rear area of the WASHLET®, a child seat is not needed. The elevation helps children automatically assume the correct posture on the WASHLET® and they can support themselves at the front, on the front area of the toilet seat.

In this sitting position, the advantage is that the integrated sensor in the front area of the toilet seat is covered by the hand supporting it. If the sensor is not covered, the functions of the WASHLET® cannot be activated, preventing the child from playing with the water spray when not sitting on it.

As children grow taller and heavier (from approximately 3 years old), covering the sensor while sitting becomes automatic due to body weight and no longer requires hands to do so.

WASHLET Strahlart


The water spray is also a pleasant way of cleaning for children and can be done, for example, with the Soft Comfort Shower or the Lady Shower, as these spray types are particularly gentle. Feel free to try out the dryer and the heated seat with your child; my grandchild finds both functions incredibly pleasant. Another great feature is that there are numerous settings available for both the water spray and the dryer, allowing for individualized cleaning and drying.

In general, I can recommend the WASHLET® especially for children's potty training. Even my grandson became potty trained using the WASHLET®, and he had a lot of fun and curiosity with it. Parent initiatives have even advocated for WASHLET® in kindergartens to support educators and promote the topics of personal hygiene, health, and cleanliness.

Antje and Hektor also share insights into life with a WASHLET® in Home Stories on our TOTO Instagram channel. In the following video, the two provide a glimpse of how their two 6-year-old children feel about the WASHLET® and how they manage with it.

Kind in den Armen seines Vaters


From my own experience with my grandchild, I have a few simple tricks and tips on how to easily handle children and the WASHLET®.

1. Involve the child from a young age and show them the remote control/experiment with it when you as parents/grandparents use the WASHLET®.

2. Use simple language when explaining the remote control and the WASHLET®. Terms I use to explain the remote control to my grandson include: "little bum" for Comfort Shower, "big bum" for Soft Comfort Shower, "narrow spray", "wide spray", "girl on the fountain" for Lady Shower, "forward and backward" for the oscillating function, and of course "Stop" for the pause button.

3. Teach and explain only the buttons and functions that are necessary to avoid overwhelming the child and limit playfulness.

4. For children under 3 years old, be sure to disable the automatic lid function! However, it is still possible to open and close the toilet seat using a button on the top of the remote control.

5. Mount the remote control on the wall. This way, children operate only the buttons you have taught them and do not play with the back.

6. Take time to discover the WASHLET® together with your child/grandchild and find a healthy and enjoyable approach together.

Have lots of fun experimenting and exploring!

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