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GEBERIT Aquaclean ALBA - Pleasantly simple for shower toilet beginners



The Geberit AquaClean Alba offers the basic functions of a shower toilet and makes entry into the world of shower toilets more affordable .

AquaClean Alba impresses with its attractive design and you can't immediately tell that it is a shower toilet. And the crucial thing: the additional cost compared to a normal high-quality toilet is small, but the feeling of freshness is priceless .

aquaclean alba remote control 245.368.01.1

The remote control of the shower toilet ensures user-friendly operation, with all functions controlled at the touch of a button.
The display on the back of the remote control allows profile settings to be adjusted and displays information about the status of the shower toilet, including descaling reminders.
The remote control works on Bluetooth technology and is supplied with a magnetic holder and double-sided tape attachment. 

2024 aquaclean feature alba quick release function

The QuickRelease function allows the toilet seat and lid to be removed in one simple movement, which also prevents the risk of deposits on the fixings.
But even if maintenance needs to be done, it is nice to remove the lid and seat in one go.

Geberit AquaClean Alba Whirlspray
The water jet alone provides thorough cleaning, but the oscillating shower arm of the Geberit AquaClean Alba provides a luxurious overall experience. The smooth forward and backward movement of the shower arm ensures optimal cleaning.

The Geberit WhirlSpray jet is no ordinary jet; it is a rotating jet that adds air, resulting in thousands of air bubbles in the water. This unique combination guarantees optimal and extremely gentle cleaning. WhirlSpray is a patented technology that can be found exclusively in Geberit shower toilets.

Geberit AquaClean Turboflush alba

The innovative TurboFlush flush technology, based on a rimless toilet design developed by Geberit, enables an extremely quiet and effective flush. This allows you to flush the toilet at any time of the day without any disturbing noises, even at night.

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