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How to use it

Just follow these easy 5 steps.

Take care of business.
If you’re using a bidet toilet seat, you don’t need to move to use the bidet when you’re done; you’re on it already. So get comfortable on that heated seat!

1.Take a seat on the toilet as you always do.

2.After you are done, press the neccesery button for your need, either FRONT cleaning (ladies) or REAR cleaning.

3. For the automatic nozzel move press Oscillate button

4.Press the button DRY (cleaning will automatically stop).

5.After you feel like you are dry enough, stand up and flush the toilet. The sensor in the seat will automatically stop drying and or
cleaning, the bidet toilet seat will go into stand by-energy saving mode.


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Easy to use remote control

Settings such as, water pressure, water temperature, air temperature, water jet/stream width, seat temperature only have to be set once. Then you simply use the Washlet/Bidet seat by pushing Rear and Nozzle oscillation and Dry to dry yourself off.