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Coway ba13 Digital bidet toilet seat washlet

Coway BA13 - Premium digital bidet seat

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  • Coway ba13 Digital bidet toilet seat washlet Coway ba13 Digital bidet toilet seat washlet
  • Coway ba13 Digital bidet seat premium Coway ba13 Digital bidet seat premium
  • Coway ba13-br Digital bidet seat premium Coway ba13-br Digital bidet seat premium
  • Coway ba13-be Digital bidet seat premium Coway ba13-be Digital bidet seat premium
  • Coway ba13-be Digital bidet seat Coway ba13-be Digital bidet seat
  • Coway ba13 remote control Coway ba13 remote control
  • Coway ba13 Coway ba13
  • Coway ba13 Reddot Design award Coway ba13 Reddot Design award
  • Coway ba13 Reddot Coway ba13 Reddot
  • Coway ba13 tooaleta Coway ba13 tooaleta
  • united kingdom wras coway washlet bidet seat tooaleta united kingdom wras coway washlet bidet seat tooaleta
  • tooaleta coway ba13 washlet bidet toilet tooaleta coway ba13 washlet bidet toilet
  • reddot award coway reddot award coway
  • good design award coway good design award coway
  • Coway ba13 Design awards Coway ba13 Design awards

Offer Includes a free Hyundai Water softening filter.

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Coway BA13 - Premium digital bidet seat


  • Electric toilet bidet seat


  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water stream width
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Air + water stream
  • Air deodorization
  • Automatic nozzle cleansing
  • Automatic nozzle move -Forward/Backwards
  • Feminine/front wash
  • Heated seat
  • Massage
  • Rear Cleaning
  • Seat sensor
  • Soft-Closing lid
  • Warm Air dryer


  • Instant water heating system
  • Permanent water filter
  • Portable remote control
  • Quick Release - Easy installation
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Twin nozzle

Short description

Made in South Korea!
Coway Bidet provides you with the ultimate high-tech bathroom cleansing experience available today. From its self sterilizing twin spray wands to its automatic deodorizer the Coway Seat Bidet is loaded with all the features to meet your cleansing and comfort needs.

Package content

  • Batteries
  • Bidet toilet seat
  • Hyundai Water Softening Filter
  • Installation instructions / Manual (ENG)
  • Manual
  • Remote control
  • Screws
  • bolts
  • mounting board (installation material)
  • T-connector
  • UK Plug Type G Adapter
  • Wash & Dry toilet seat

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £1,032.00

Special Price £658.08

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Regular Price: £1,032.00

Special Price £658.08

Stock: in stock
Delivery time: 3 Days
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Electric toilet seat
Electric toilet seat
Toilet Seat is electric and plugs into a regular 220-240V 50-60hz outlet.
Instant water heater
Instant water heater
Instant water heating system, saves on energy, time and drastically reduces limescale build-up.
Permanent deodorization filter
Permanent deodorization filter
Built-in permanent air filter. Removes unpleasant odors in your bathroom and requires no maintenance.
Permanent water filter
Permanent water filter
Built-in permanent Ag Nano filter. The water that washes you has anti-bacterial properties
Portable remote control
Portable remote control
Wireless Remote control with a wall-mountable holder for your convenience. Attach and detach with ease.
Twin nozzle
Twin nozzle
Two separate nozzles for cleaning, one for the Rear wash and the second for the Front (Feminine) wash.
Warm Air dryer
Warm Air dryer
Built-in Warm Air Dryer fen, completely drys you after washing. Temperature can be regulated


Coway Bidet provides you with the ultimate high-tech bathroom cleansing experience available today. From its self sterilizing twin spray wands to its automatic deodorizer the Coway Seat Bidet is loaded with all the features to meet your cleansing and comfort needs.
The Coway Bidet BA13 is designed for ease of use, durability and energy efficiency. The Coway bidet is carefully designed to be functional and comfortable for users of all ages and body types. Energize your life with the Coway Bidet. Live fresh. Live clean.
As humans we love water and have always used water to wash ourselves clean. In fact, nothing cleans, refreshes and revitalizes you better or more naturally than water. It makes so much more sense to wash yourself with water than to try to rub and scrape yourself clean with toilet paper. A Coway seat bidet does it all for you, and all your hands ever need to touch is the buttons on the convenient remote control.

By selecting the "front" or "rear" wash buttons you command the seat bidet to extend a small cleansing wand from below the toilet seat and direct a gentle stream of warm water onto your private parts to thoroughly cleanse you. When finished cleaning you just press the "dry" button and a stream of warmed air gently and non-abrasively, dries you.

Nothing ever touches you but gentle warm water and warm air. Clean, fresh, and sanitary.
Other controls allow you to adjust and personalize many of the bidet functions. In addition to offering you a new, healthier lifestyle full of lavish comfort and refreshingly convenient hygiene, a seat bidet also allows people suffering from limited motion or restricted muscular control to regain the comfort and dignity of being able to use the toilet without assistance.


Coway BA13 BR (Shorter-Round Version) and BE (Longer-Elongated Version) fit on most ceramics. Below is a short list of known toilets that are a perfect fit.
If your toilet is not amongst the ones listed, you can take a look at Dimensions picture below, showing what your existing toilet must be within to fit the either the Coway BA13 BR or BE.
You may of course also contact us for assistance, via Live Chat, E-Mail or our Toll Free number.

Toilets that perfectly fit Coway BA13 Elongated:

· Hatria Fusion YOXB
· Villeroy & Boch subway 66001010
· Villeroy & Boch Omnia 5684R0R1
· Villeroy & Boch O.novo Tiefspülwand-WC
· Laufen pro Wand spülrandlos 8209660000001
· Dolomite CLODIA J2547
· Keramag Renova Nr.1 203050600
· Duravit Starc 3 22265900001
· Duravit Duraplus Colomba 25470900001

Toilets that perfectly fit Coway BA13 Round:
· Bauhaus Stream II Back To Wall WC BAUH249 (RG6007CW/RG6105W)
· Bauhaus Stream II Back Wall Hung Toilet BAUH251 | RG6006CW/RG6105W
· Villeroy & Boch subway 66001010
· Keramag iCon 204060600
· Keramag Renova Nr. 1 203040600
· Villeroy & Boch O.novo 5660R001
· Laufen pro 8209660000001
· Laufen pro – two piece toilet 8259524000001
· VitrA Step 5259B003-0075
· Villeroy & Boch O.novo 66951001
· Villeroy & Boch Omnia classic 76821001
· Ideal Standard San ReMo R340101
· Duravit Duraplus Colomba 2547090000
· Villeroy & Boch O.Novo Back to Wall Toilet VILL1853 | 5657 10 01/9M39 61 01

Additional Information

Size 501mm - 515mm
Weight 1.0000
Delivery time: 3 Days



Coway BA13

Maximum Power Consumption

1160~1380 W

Power input

220 V - 240 V~, 50 Hz

Warm water cleansing device (storage heater)

Rear cleansing

1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min),

Self-cleaning nozzle

Front cleansing

1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min),

Self-cleaning nozzle

Water pressure

3 levels

Water temperature

4 levels (Off, L, M, H,)

Power consumption (heater)

1 250 W

Air dryer device

Air temperature

4 levels (Off, L, M, H)

Operate time

2 minutes

Power consumption (dryer)

180 W

Heated seat

Seat temperature

4 levels (Off, L, M, H)

Power consumption (heater)

60 W


Mesh filter, Ag-Nano

Toilet bowl sterilization


Nozzle sterilization




Other functions

Stainless steel twin nozzle, Nozzle position adjustment,

Move, Air+ water stream, Eco mode,

(Wide, Deodorization, Sterilization : BA13-BE/BR only)

Safety devices

Bimetal, Temperature sensor, Temperature fuse, micro switch

Control type

Remote control

Feed water pressure

14.5 psi ~ 100 psi (0.1 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa)

Feed water temperature

41 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ (5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)

Dimensions (W X D X H)


15 X 19.4 X 5.7 inch (382 X 493 X 144 mm) (BA13-AR/BR)


15 X 20.8 X 5.7 inch (382 X 519 X 144 mm) (BA13-AE/BE)

Net Weight


13.2 ℓb (6 kg) (BA13-AR/BR)


14.3 ℓb (6.5 kg) (BA13-AE/BE)





Product Attachments

Name Typ Size Download Link
Coway ba13 Brochure pdf 1.04 MB Coway ba13 Brochure
Coway BA13 Simple installation manual pdf 283.73 KB Coway BA13 Simple installation manual
Coway ba13 Installation and User Manual pdf 5.31 MB Coway ba13 Installation and User Manual
Coway BA13 Part list pdf 2 MB Coway BA13 Part list
  1. Quality item, perfect customer service review by Andy on 9/22/2018
    Product Quality
    User response:
    Technical equipment:

    First of all, such bidets are being installed in every hospital, care house and most houses in Asia for pretty long time, while we still spread number 2 all over our backs in Europe, as European Parliament got more important things to do.
    Installed 3 weeks ago, good quality materials, energy efficient and perfect customer service: they reply quickly. Easy to install, I did it myself with no problem, although I am biochemist, not technician.

  2. A bit expensive but a hegemonic way review by Ann on 8/10/2018
    Product Quality
    User response:
    Technical equipment:

    Every toilet seat should have this. Useful jets, hygienic and also reduces tissue usage with the air dryer. Cleaning under it is a bit of a chore but latest it allows you to clean under the seat hinges which normal seals dont.

  3. Good decision review by Patrick J. on 12/18/2017
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    Love it. After the bad experience with FLORY EU decided to go for Coway. Well, for now it looks like a smart decision. Payed considerably more but at least it functioning exactly as expected.. Installation went smoothly with no issues. All fitting fit perfectly. A well responsive remote control is an advantage for us comparing to an attached panel.

  4. Works great. Exceeded expectations review by C.A. on 3/19/2017
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    Love it. Due to my disabilities with MS my hands don't work so well and using toilet and toilet paper was more than challenging. I have now been using this product for over a year now and can't imagine living without it. It took a little time getting used to using it but it gets the job done. I only use a little toilet paper now to absorb the bulk of the water before using the dryer to dry things up. The only caution you need to have a gfi outlet behind your toilet to plug into. Luckily my father did this easily from power on the opposite side of the wall.
    A great add on to make your toilet a throne worth sitting on.

  5. Fantastic product most people don't know about review by Dr. L on 10/16/2016
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    I have recommended this product to a few friends. I know that if you're looking at it you've probably been to Japan where this is on every toilet even in public restrooms, hotels, and almost everywhere.

    I've had this product for a year now and it works great. I had one of these in my old house about five years ago and the price was a lot more.

    Just for the savings on the cost of toilet paper this product is worth the money. However once you get used to using this you will hate to use the bathroom anywhere else.

    I highly recommend the purchase of this product, you will be assured of years good cleanliness. One other thing it does is that it removes any odor from the toilet and you will never need to spray a deodorizer after using it. Great product that most people don't know about. It'll be the first thing in your bathroom you'll want to show all your friends.

  6. Not quite Toto .... review by Sue Lietz-Davis on 10/16/2016
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    ... but uts less expensive and it works great.

  7. installable in the UK! review by Andrew on 6/3/2016
    Product Quality
    User response:
    Technical equipment:

    I guess anyone who buys one of these knows and likes the Japanese style loos, so I thought it might be useful just to confirm that these are installable in the UK - yes they are.

    Electrical connection: it is on the right (facing the loo), 13 amps, comes with an European plug. We drilled a hole through the wall for the wire to go through and had an electrician install a socket on the far side of the wall, and changed the plug. It is certainly the best solution visually.

    Water connection: is on the left side of the bidet. They use threads that are compatible with BSP threads (i.e. the normal plumbing fittings you will find in the UK and Europe). We needed a couple of adaptors to change the pipe size and a T juction to split the takeoff for the cistern and the bidet. T-junction is supplied with the Coway.

    Quality: the entire unit worked just fine except the air drier was fairly ineffective , especially given the watts it allegedly put out. The water is warm and temperature adjustable, the options for the nozzle are good.

  8. Marvelous addition review by Robert Jensen on 4/13/2016
    User response:
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality

    The bidet/washlet is very nice. The hardest part of the install was placing the outlet near the toilet (put it on the right if facing the toilet). However, once I put the power socket in, installation of the seat was a breeze. There is a 3 minute YouTube video that you can watch that will explain installation.

    - You can disable the sound from the seat and/or the economy mode via pushing and holding two buttons on the remote. Read the manual for instructions.
    - The seat is a slow/soft close.
    - After the water starts flowing the "move" button will cause the wand to move back and forth for a good coverage
    - You can further recenter the moving wand by using the adjust front/back buttons
    - The three spray settings adjust for laser beam focus/very strong to wide/gentle; on "blue" my spray is very strong (almost painful) but I imagine your mileage may vary based upon the water pressure in your house
    - The settings are very intuitive (seat temp: off-off; blue-low; pink-medium; red-hot)
    - The dryer is functional, but honestly it would take about three 2-minute cycles to be completely dry. I normally don't have the patience and compromise with a less-than-perfectly dry result
    - Hint: before sitting down I press the deodorize button to get the seat out of eco mode and see the current settings
    - With the remote mounted within arms reach, I don't ever remove it from its holster and can simply operate where it is
    - The seat is slightly wider than I would have preferred for my toilet, but I think it doesn't stand out as much as other geriatric institutional looking seats (see pictures)

    - Some opening space is taken versus a non-electric plain seat; however, not enough to complain, and I quickly got used to the new configuration

    As a man, I don't use the "front" spray; and so will not comment on that functionality.

    I still take a single square of TP and conduct the wipe test. Usually the paper is spotless. TP consumption is plummeting ( it takes a substantial amount of water to make TP versus (google it)).

    Final Note: Extended family laughed at the large outlay of money for this bidet/washlet. But these same people spent more on an elliptical machine that is really a close hanger that is never used. I use this purchase many times a day (TMI?), and while a little expensive, it was a wise purchase for the large improvement in my quality of life.

  9. This one is quite a bit slimmer review by Bryan on 2/16/2016
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    Just received and installed my new Coway bidet. The seat was well packaged and arrived in only a day (I guess the company ships from socal). Quality looks top notch and the spray is strong. My last seat was almost 10 years old so it was time for a replacement. This one is a lot slimmer than that one so it goes with the toilet better and my wife appreciates being able to sit on the toilet lid to do her makeup. Can't really complain so far but will update in a few months to see if it holds up.

  10. Brilliant invention! Very very useful review by Kenneth K on 2/10/2016
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    Brilliant invention! Very very useful, I recommend it for ladies prone to cystitis. I quick swish after taking a pee helps me no end!

  11. My only complaint regarding this product is that having found it extremely excellent in all aspects review by Patsy Ann on 2/3/2016
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    I purchased this Bidet some years ago. My only complaint regarding this product is that having found it extremely excellent in all aspects,and so unique, I feel reluctant to use other toilets because compared to mine they are so primitive

  12. broke after two years, but resolved review by Kivett Lynee on 11/18/2015
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    I will never be able to go back to life without a bidet seat. They are wonderful, and completely worth some expense. After I had my baby, they were a lifesaver. For those of us in cooler climates, I highly recommend endless hot water models. Bidet seats have also allowed our family to eliminate the use of toilet paper and its accompanying lint and irritation and replace it with cotton wipes that we pat ourselves dry with, and then just wash with baby's diapers.

    That being said, this seat was wonderful for two years before it started leaking onto the floor. I purchased two Coway seats for my home. One started leaking after two years of use. Unfortunately after two years, the warranty doesn't cover repairs and the customer also pays for shipping. I didn't feel it was worth the expense considering the risk that it could break again soon. Thankfully Tooaleta offered to pay return shipping and most of the costs. Seat was repaired within 10days. They even sent a replacement seat for the time, for which we were very grateful.

    Overall a pleasant experience, even with an unfortunate malfunction. Thank you once again Tooaleta and in particular Mr. Mayer.

  13. I love it. My only minor complaints review by Mike L. on 10/30/2015
    User response:
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality

    I needed a bidet toilet seat for a disabled patient use. After much research, I settled on the Coway ba13 because it compared favorably with the Toto at half the cost. I love it. My only minor complaints: a slightly short travel to the wand, but this is contingent on body type. If your budget allows, get this upgrade over the BAS16. The additional features are worth it.

  14. Great item for people dealing with the reattached of Alzheimer's desease review by Charles on 10/30/2015
    User response:
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality

    Absolutely a God send for me wife has late stage Alzheimer's disease.she can not dial the phone or turn on tv but I can use the remote for her to operate the seat for her and she can keep her dignity and privacy and I have the the satisfaction to know she is clean

  15. High Quality Item. I'll compare features to my Kohler bidet with tank and seat attached control panel/ no remote. review by Andrew Steinberg on 8/31/2015
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    I want this review to be informative and helpful. Please excuse the longevity.

    Anyone that purchases their first bidet will love it, no matter what the features. That's why bidets have such high reviews.
    Most people have nothing to compare it too. We first experienced the bidets on our 40th anniversary trip to Japan. Our hotel had a bidet with cold water, and no dryer. We loved it. It was our first bidet experience.

    Two years ago, I got a Kohler (Kohler K-4737-0 C3-125 Elongated Bowl Bidet Toilet Seat with Tank Heater), still on the Amazon site. Love it. Trouble free for 2 years. Just got the Coway for the second bathroom. Like it much better. Compare key points.

    Kohler. Style points 1-10, 5/10. Looks like it belongs in a nursing home. Due to controls attached to the seat. If you want a nice look, get one with a remote.
    Coway ba13. Style points. 10/10. Sleek, attractive. Space age look.

    Ease of use.
    Kohler. Super easy. Any guest can use it without instructions. The attached controls allow for larger control panel, and fewer options make for easy to understand controls.
    Coway. Tough for guests on a one time use. Easy for homeowners after a few uses. Instruction manual helps. Confusing for many older users. Small print on remote and using one light for 3 different settings (like heat: one color for low, one color for medium, one color for high, was confusing after the ease of use of the Kohler). However, some users of the Kohler complained that their body overlapped the attached control panel, making it difficult to use. The Coway has many more features. That adds to the complexity in the remote.


    Kohler. My wife cleans the plastic nozzles with a Q Tip, as best she can. The Coway is reasonably self cleaning, and it's stainless steel nozzles are a solid upgrade over the Kohler plastic ones.

    Kohler tank vs Coway tankless.

    The Kohler provides immediate warm/hot water, which unfortunately becomes cold near the end of the cycle.

    The Coway provided endless hot water, after a few second delay. I never received any cold water start up spray, as some other have complained about. The Coway lets a small amount of low pressure water out when you sit down, and during your brief stay. It never touches you. By the time I pushed the wash button, there was no cold water start. Just warm/hot water.

    Dryer function. Both have good dryer functions. I am a guy, small rear end. Dryer works great. My wife has a larger rear, and doesn't use the dryer. For me, wiping after a wash, without drying, would be like taking a shower and wiping off with toilet paper. It's pretty subjective. Does it dry you completely? No. But when I shower I don't dry myself off completely before getting dressed. The Coway Dryer dries me off better than I do with a towel after a shower. Think about it next time you shower.


    Both are easy DIY plumbing projects, with the Coway being somewhat easier.
    Figure £ 80 - £ 100 for an added GFI plug near the toilet. We use the added top outlet for electric toothbrushes/hair dryers, so it's a worthwhile expenditure to have a second GFI in the bathroom. Allows better spacing and less clutter around one outlet.


    Kohler one year.
    Brondell 2 years.

    Coway(or Tooaleta?) does offer a +1,+3, +5 year extended warranty. Covers parts and labor, 100%
    The Tooaleta website says it must be purchased at the time the bidet is purchased. I called Coway up. I asked if that meant that if purchased on Ebay, and other authorized sellers, you could not buy the extended warranty. The rep explained that in that case, you could. Needed to be purchased within a week, and you must furnish receipt/proof that you purchased a new bidet from an authorized seller. Warranties for other Coway bidets are available for less money.

    Coway seat is sturdier.
    Kohler has nice night light, in addition to the power light. Don't think the Brondell has that.

    Minor gripe. The Coway shipment includes 4 grey pads to stick to the seat supports, to better protect them in case you have gaps between the seat and toilet bowl. Why grey? Why not white? It disrupts the continuous white look.

    Comfort with company.

    Coway has a nice website, easy to reach pleasant customer service. Nice instruction manual.

    Kohler, well I don't know. No Kohler web site for this product. Does Kohler really make this? I'm supposed to replace a deodorizer block. Where should I order it from? Posted question on Amazon. No answers.

    Summary. Though the Kohler is working fine after 2 years, I like the Coway better and am confident of good customer service.

  16. Decent review by Alfred Hartburner on 5/16/2013
    User response:
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality

    Better then what i had before (Aquaclean 8000). Koreans know what they are doing.

  17. Excellent review by G. Rohhea on 5/4/2013
    Product Quality
    User response:
    Technical equipment:

    Love it! Was not too difficult to install. The whole family uses it and we are all very pleased . It is a hit!

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