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Grohe sensia arena complete set 39354sh1

Complete set: New Grohe Sensia Arena 2.0 + Automatic Flush Kit + Grohe Rapid SL Cistern Frame + Flush Plate

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Special Price £1,768.89

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  • Grohe sensia arena complete set 39354sh1 Grohe sensia arena complete set 39354sh1
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Complete set: New Grohe Sensia Arena 2.0 + Automatic Flush Kit + Grohe Rapid SL Cistern Frame + Flush Plate


  • Toilet all in one


  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Air + water stream
  • Air deodorization
  • Automatic nozzle cleansing
  • Automatic nozzle move -Forward/Backwards
  • Automatically lid opening and closing
  • Feminine/front wash
  • Front cleaning
  • Massage
  • Night light
  • Rear Cleaning
  • Seat sensor
  • Soft-Closing lid
  • UF - Urea resin seat cover
  • Warm Air dryer
  • With hidden connections


  • Boiler water heater
  • Ceramic toilet
  • Changeable Carbon Air Filter
  • Plastic composites nozzle
  • Portable remote control
  • Single nozzle
  • Water Cistern

Short description

2019 VERSION Wall-hung toilet with bidet Grohe Sensia Arena Includes:

  1. Grohe Sensia Arena 2.0 Art.Nr::39354sh1

  2. Grohe Rapid SL for shower toilets cistern GD 2 39112001

  3. Grohe Skate Air toilet flush plate, for horizontal installation white 38506SH0

  4. Grohe Sensia Arena installation set for automatic flush Sensia Arena shower toilet 46944001

Package content

  • Instructions
  • Manual
  • other installation material
  • Screws
  • bolts
  • mounting board (installation material)
  • T-connector
  • UK Plug Type G Adapter
  • Wash & Dry toilet seat

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £3,795.60

Special Price £1,768.89

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Regular Price: £3,795.60

Special Price £1,768.89

Stock: Stock
Delivery time: 4 Days
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Boiler water heater
Boiler water heater
Standard boiler water heater
Electric toilet seat
Electric toilet seat
Toilet Seat is electric and plugs into a regular 220-240V 50-60hz outlet.
Permanent deodorization filter
Permanent deodorization filter
Built-in permanent air filter. Removes unpleasant odors in your bathroom and requires no maintenance.
Permanent water filter
Permanent water filter
Built-in permanent Ag Nano filter. The water that washes you has anti-bacterial properties
Portable remote control
Portable remote control
Wireless Remote control with a wall-mountable holder for your convenience. Attach and detach with ease.
Single nozzle
Single nozzle
Single multi-function nozzle
Warm Air dryer
Warm Air dryer
Built-in Warm Air Dryer fen, completely drys you after washing. Temperature can be regulated


The change to the predecessor model:

Simplified decalcification

In contrast to the predecessor model, in which the decalcification is to be carried out annually by a Grohe service technician, you now have the opportunity to carry out the descaling yourself in 20 minutes - via remote control. Simply add the descaling agent through the opening on the back of the engineering unit. Due to the special surface of the water heater, descaling is usually necessary every 3 years.


The innovations to the predecessor model:

Release in the air - new ion technology Plasmacluster

The special, innovative ion technology Plasmacluster combats germs and bacteria as well as unpleasant odors - for perfect hygiene. Important to know: The distribution of the ions takes place via the same fan as the odor extraction. Use the function either for odor neutralization in the toilet ceramic or for the daily cleaning and sterilization of the air in the entire bathroom.


Optional pre-rinse for residue-free hygiene

Benefit from the automatic pre-wash function with the matching Grohe Rapid SL installation set and mounting element: user recognition automatically detects when you sit on the toilet. An economical pre-rinse wets the ceramic surface with water, so that dirt has almost no chance to adhere. For residue-free freshness in the toilet!

An innovative merging of both toilet and bidet, the Sensia Arena Shower Toilet demonstrates the grasp that Grohe's designers have on the potential of new technology. Rightful winner of the 2019 Iconic 'Best of Best' award, the attention to detail and expertise paid to the Sensia Arena is palpable. Offering a whole new level of cleaning options to the WC unit, Sensia Arena incorporates a fully adjustable shower arm into the bowl. Select from a range of spray patterns, adjustable in intensity and water temperature to give a soothing, intimate clean every time. Formed from clean lines to give a pure and hygienic appearance, the Sensia Arena WC is a sleek and presentable piece. Its rimless design gives dirt and bacteria nowhere to hide, ensuring you can enjoy a clean and hygienic WC unit at all times, with a minimum of maintenance. A strong vortex system delivers a powerful flush to the bowl, with attention paid to efficient water usage. Numerous beneficial features are subtly included into the unit, from odour absorption to an in built night light so you can locate it easily in the dark. Furthermore, a smartphone app allows you to make the minute adjustments you need, right at your fingertips. Essential to this WC unit is the dedicated 1.13m Sensia mounting frame, which may be quickly added on as an optional extra. Matching flush plates, such as the Nova Light LED plate, or the Arena Cosmo plate, are designed to be fully compatible with this unit with easy to use, innovative designs deployed as a trademark throughout.

GROHE Sensia® Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung
GROHE Hygiene Clean: with antibacterial glazing HyperClean (SIAA Kokin Japanese standard compliant) and non-stick coating AquaCeramic.
GROHE PowerFlush: rimless wash down jet WC with GROHE Triple Vortex flushing technology

Smart Phone app for iOS and Android is available 

Register your GROHE Sensia Arena shower Toilet and you will benefit from one extra year of guarantee on your product.
(Outside of the UK please register here: https://product-registration.grohe.com/)

Additional Information

Size 516mm - 530mm
Weight 51
Delivery time: 4 Days
Specifications: No

Product Attachments

Name Typ Size Download Link
Grohe Sensia Arena Flyer pdf 2.06 MB Grohe Sensia Arena Flyer
Grohe Automatic Flush Kit pdf 64.07 KB Grohe Automatic Flush Kit
39354sh1 sensia pdf 675.17 KB 39354sh1 sensia
Sensia Arena pdf 1.27 MB Sensia Arena
Grohe Sensia Arena pdf 7.41 MB Grohe Sensia Arena
Grohe Sensia Arena pdf 27.49 MB Grohe Sensia Arena
Grohe Rapid SL Specifications pdf 2.33 MB Grohe Rapid SL Specifications
  1. Completely Converted review by Steve on 8/22/2019
    Technical equipment:
    Product Quality
    User response:

    Tried this product for the first time last week and now completely converted to the idea. I was really unsure about it before but can say it really is much better than using paper! In my opinion this is the sleekest design out there for this type of product and doesn't feel like a big bulky Japanese style toilet, when the lid is closed looks like a normal toilet. Love the auto lid opening sensor also the seat and the lid auto shut/close when you walk away which is handy for keeping everyone happy.

  2. Excellent value review by AE on 9/27/2018
    Product Quality
    User response:
    Technical equipment:

    and Prompt delivery.

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