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These are toilets that are a combination of Toilet bidet seat and toilet itself. VOVO and DOBIDOS models also have integrated flushing. Read more

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  1. VOVO TCB-080S - All in one toilet

    VOVO TCB-080S has the same functions and remote control as the VOVO TCB2011R . Difference between the two models is the High-grade stainless steel nozzle. The TCB-080S has a more comfortable seat . But the TCB2011R is a bit slimmer and doesn't need as much space as the TCB-080S.

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  2. VOVO Princess PB 707S - All in one toilet

    The major advantage of the VOVO All-in-one toilet is the ease of installation. Only a 1/2" water connection and a electricity socket nearby is needed. No need for a toilet tank/cistern or any pre-wall installation. It is so easy to install, that anyone can do it. Available in S-Trap and P-Trap (wall and floor drainage connection).

    Regular Price: £2,269.40

    Special Price £1,595.30

    As low as: £1,498.00
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2 Item(s)