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These are toilets that are a combination of Toilet bidet seat and toilet itself. VOVO and DOBIDOS models also have integrated flushing. Read more

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All in one

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  1. Complete set: New Grohe Sensia Arena 2.0 + Automatic Flush Kit + Grohe Rapid SL Cistern Frame + Flush Plate

    2019 VERSION Wall-hung toilet with bidet Grohe Sensia Arena Includes:

    1. Grohe Sensia Arena 2.0 Art.Nr::39354sh1
    2. Grohe Rapid SL for shower toilets cistern GD 2 39112001
    3. Grohe Skate Air toilet flush plate, for horizontal installation white 38506SH0
    4. Grohe Sensia Arena installation set for automatic flush Sensia Arena shower toilet 46944001

    Regular Price: £3,795.60

    Special Price £1,768.89

    As low as: £1,688.00
  2. GROHE Sensia Arena 2.0 - NEW Toilet bidet combination 39354SH1

    Functions: with air ventilator, with dryer, with night light, with sanitary shower

    Smart Phone app for iOS and Android is available


    2+1 Grohe Extended Warranty option

    Register your GROHE Sensia Arena shower Toilet and you will benefit from one extra year of guarantee on your product.

    Find out more at https://www.grohe.co.uk

    Regular Price: £3,168.11

    Special Price £1,386.33

    As low as: £1,338.00
  3. Complete set: Grohe the NEW Sensia Arena 2.0 shower toilet complete system for concealed cistern, wall-mounting white, with mounting accessories & installation set

    Item number:39354SH1+39603000+46944001

    Skate Cosmopolitan S Flush Plate push plate is included.

    Regular Price: £3,795.60

    Special Price £1,790.00

    As low as: £1,688.00
  4. GROHE Sensia IGS - Toilet bidet combination

    GROHE Sensia IGS
    Perfect hygiene for ultimate freshness experience
    A good all round feeling of cleanliness and maximum comfort with each use of the toilet promise new GROHE Sensia IGS washlets. So these innovations included by the body care about the odor to a full blow dry and comfortable wellness program for the user on the toilet.

    Regular Price: £3,758.20

    Special Price £2,428.81

    As low as: £2,227.40
Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)


The higher level models are called ‘ALL IN ONE’ and come with the ceramic pan, there main advantage is that they have water and electric cables hidden inside the pan.

How it is installed

How it works

The bidet toilet seat wand(s) have nozzle(s) built into them. The wands spray water through these nozzles to provide the wash or cleanse. Many bidet toilet seats on the market offer multiple nozzles each designed to spray water in a certain way, to increase effectiveness for different wash settings.

The nozzle extends from under the seat, with the touch of a button, giving a soothing warm-water cleansing. ... The self-cleaning function cleans and sanitizes the entire nozzle before and after each use. Hands-free drying offers the ease and comfort of a temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

Cleansing with warm water after using the toilet provides an exceptionally clean feeling.The Washlet’s self-cleaning wand is fully adjustable, allowing users to set the precise temperature and spray type for comfortable intimate cleansing.

The wand jet stays hygienic and clean because it is positioned out of the way, namely above the ceramic toilet bowl. As a result, the jet does not come into contact with urine, faeces and dirty flushed water. This also protects the wand jet and technical elements in the event of any clogs that would cause water to rise in the toilet bowl.

The wand jet also disappears behind a hygienic cover flap before and after each use. This cover flap keeps the wand jet from coming into contact with urine, faeces and dirty flushed water. In the end, the wand jet is as clean after every use as if brand new.


The jet extends at an angle, which keeps it from getting dirty. The soiled water falls from the wand jet at a precise angle, keeping any of it from hitting the jet.

The WASHLET™ automatically cleans the wand jet before and after each use. The wand jets are coated with a special silicone alloy, which makes them both antibacterial and extremely resistant to dirt. It is extremely difficult for anything to stick to the wand jet when wet, making it impossible for waste to accumulate. Thanks to this feature, it is able to clean its wand jet system using only water – without any chemical additives. This also makes the system maintenance-free as the WASHLET™ does not need to be filled with substances to clean the jet.

The REAR spray is designed to clean the rear intimate area. The water jet features pleasant, yet strong water pressure to target this specific area. The result: thorough cleansing without unnecessary splashing.

The lady spray consists of large, soft drops for comfortable intimate cleansing – for a clean, fresh feeling.

The oscillating rear or front spray can be activated in addition to the other spray types. The wand jet moves in and out for especially thorough cleansing over larger areas – for a feeling of ultimate clean.

You can also choose the massage function. The water pressure switches automatically between soft and hard.

The position of the wand jet can be adjusted and adapted as required for each user – because everyone’s different.

The water pressure of the spray can be adjusted in five levels to meet the needs of each user.

The heated seat can be set to the desired temperature.

The remote control makes all functions easy to use and adjust. Several models include a memory function to save preferred settings for up to two users.

The individually adjustable dryer follows the warm water spray to ensure a dry, clean overall feeling.

The Deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful filters. Air is drawn in, passing through an ionised carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odours.

People who do not want to turn on the bright bathroom light at night can choose a model featuring nightlights on the sides. A soft light on the sides of the toilet provides enough brightness to see and also helps people fall asleep again more quickly.

Most of the models feature a continuous-flow water heater to provide unlimited water for intimate cleansing.

Inside look at the Coway BA13 model.