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These are toilets that are a combination of Toilet bidet seat and toilet itself. VOVO and DOBIDOS models also have integrated flushing. Read more

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    The new NEOREST AC 2.0 WASHLET is the first WASHLET that cleans itself completely. In addition to the proven WASHLET technologies, the new NEOREST WASHLET actively cleans the inside of the toilet bowl. There are two versions of the WASHLET available – the NEOREST AC (with Actilight technology) and NEOREST EW (with ewater+ technology). They look the same, but work in different ways.

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  2. TOTO Washlet SG 2.0 - Toilet bidet Complete Set

    The SG WASHLET offers all features available in all other TOTO WASHLETs as well as the new ewater+ function. Once the toilet is flushed, the WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water. This ewater+ has an antibacterial and cleansing effect for improved hygiene. The WASHLET also features a dryer, heated seat, odour-absorbing filter, sensor-activated lid and a memory function to save personal settings for up to two users.

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